For the foreigner visitors! (USA, UK and more)

Ed Motta is currently recording his brand new Cd. He's going to do few shows, untill he finishes that amazing 'job'. His last CD, Chapter 9, brought suprises out to the brazilian fans (hey, you can get it in Dusty Groove site). But Ed is always reinventing himself. It's his trademark. We mustn't forget Ed Motta loves recording! Thus, new thangs will be expected!
Folks from United States, Grain Britain, Italia, Belgium, Germany, France and other countries: this blog is creeping yet, but soon the articles will be in other languages, as English. And all the posts will have a useful translator link. So, the Ed Motta's fans around the world could appreciate the news about him. Stay tuned! Several bootlegs Cds to download will be available, as well the discography link and so more! We thank you for visiting!